Dear SAS ID Travel user

Due to SAS IT system changes, login into ID Travel using is removed.
Please use to login. This is effective from 22nd January 2019.

Kindly read below on how to login using -

1. For Employing Airline : Enter 'SAS' or select 'SAS' from the list.
2. For User ID : If you are employee use your employee number (5 digits).
If you retired from SAS before 22nd January 2019,
please use your ITA number (6 digits).
Note: If you are retired SAS employee and you have
never used “ID Travel” after your retirement,
please contact to register your active email address.
3. For Password : Please use 'Request New Password' on first login.
You will receive email to your registered email address, with link to create password.
Follow the instructions in email. Use the newly created password when you login next time.
OBSERVE PASSWORD CRITERIAS :Password must be at least 8 characters long
Password must at least contain one uppercase and one lowercase letter
Password must at least include one digit and special character.
Returning strings ("aaaa") or simple strings ("qwerty", "12345", "abcde") will not be accepted
4. For Travel mode : Please select ‘Leisure’